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Trying New Things: Concert Photography

Ernest Green of Washed Out live at the Granada Theater, Dallas | September 8, 2014

Ernest Green of Washed Out live at the Granada Theater, Dallas | September 8, 2014

I'm a huge music advocate. Ask any of my friends and they'll start anywhere from my flute-playing to my backseat jam sessions in their car, or my obnoxiously loud and horrendously off-pitch singing in the middle of any and all classes or situations.

But for someone as into music as I am, I've never gone to that many concerts. Sure, I've been to my fair share here and there, and I'm always down to go see one of my ten, or twenty favorite bands live, but I just haven't managed to make it to all the shows I've been dying to see.

That is, until I was asked by a work friend to join her in working for a national blog that preaches good music, and above all– vinyl. Tempted by the offer of FREE CONCERTS (all caps as it were in the email she sent me), I said yes instantaneously.

Our first gig was a band I knew and loved well, Washed Out. With a love for photography, I was both thrilled and absolutely terrified. I knew that concert photography was one of the most challenging forms of photography as it involved low light, crazy strobes (making any sort of metering hard), and subjects that typically tend to move and thrash around. But as soon as the opener, Small Black, started their set, I was caught up in a whirlwind of great music, excited concert-goers, and my own adrenaline to capture it all on film. Before I knew it, my three-song limit for shooting was up and I was proud of the shots I had gotten and ready to do it all over again.

So here's to trying new things, great music, and throwing yourself into challenging situations.

To read more about the concert, check out the article on The Vinyl District.


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